ROI & Risk: Global Sporting Events

Fans worldwide enjoy the spectacle of top-tier athletes competing on a global stage—and many companies take advantage of the visibility through sponsorship of individuals, teams, or the events themselves.

Take a look at the insights to be discovered through media monitoring and analysis.

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See which events are taking home the gold when it comes to media attention across social and traditional media outlets.

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Where are the winter games winning the most headlines? Bookmark this page and return to see how the big moments throughout the competition are reflected by global media coverage.

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Wintering Corruption risk in sport

Companies and sporting institutions need to minimise their exposure to risk if they are to embrace the spirit of any mega sport event. Failure to do so can lead to significant reputation, financial, and regulatory damage.

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Looking Back: Trending News during Past Winter Games

During the 2014 Winter Games: Obama met with the Dalai Lama, Protests in Ukraine, Prime Minister Blair connected to the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal, and speculation around if Hillary Clinton would run for US presidency

During the 2010 Winter Games: US and beyond mortgage and foreclosure crisis, Greece debt crisis, Swine flu, US healthcare debate, and a huge 8.8 Earthquake in Chile resulting in small Tsunami activity across the Pacific Rim