The CORE Advantage: Comprehensive. Optimal. Robust. Experienced.

With an unmatched global content collection enhanced through normalisation and metadata enrichments, Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS) delivers the highly-relevant, archival and current data organizations require for a broad range of big data research initiatives and specialised artificial intelligence applications. And that’s where the CORE advantage begins.

What sets LexisNexis apart from other Data as a Service providers?

With a history of innovation and established technology pedigree, LexisNexis continues to push the boundaries of cutting-edge technologies and develop intelligent algorithms to support the needs of the data-driven companies of today and the future. Find out more in our DaaS brochure.

  • 80K Sources
  • 4.5M Documents Added Daily
  • 80M Companies Covered
  • 13K+ Topics
  • 75 Languages
  • 100+ Countries