What's Your PR Super Power?

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Buzz Builder

You bring the hype! You have the power to stay confident about your stories and think outside the box to build the biggest buzz possible. Not only do your stories get maximum coverage, you keep your readers interested.

Savvy Story Teller

You have the power to weave an eloquent story from intro to conclusion in a matter of minutes. You know how to turn any boring story into a whirlwind, must-read-it-now experience. You don't just sell the narrative, you help your brand soar past the competition'.

Fact Finding Fanatic

You have a natural investigative ability about you. You have the power to find any bit of information quickly and you have your own special way of doing so. Conducting accurate research and finding the correct facts to combat fake news is your bread and butter!

Networking Nerd

You have the power of developing long-lasting relationships. A good PR pro knows how to discover the best contacts, reporters, and publications for their clients. You know who is covering what, when, where, and why. You make a new connection each day, but you know not to waste your time by talking to the wrong people. You are the ultimate influencer.