Explore the possibilities of using big data to enhance PR, marketing
and sales efforts

Data-driven PR, marketing and sales isn’t new. But in an era of digital transformation, companies that still rely on old-school methods—measuring column inches, generic marketing campaigns or spreadsheets of sales data— will be left behind.  

Our new whitepaper takes a closer look at big data use cases for PR, marketing and sales. Find out:

  • Why 92 percent of companies are increasing their AI investment
  • Which types of internal and external data enhance PR, marketing or sales efforts
  • What effective big data and AI adoption looks like—and how you can achieve it

Download your copy for details on how PR, marketing and sales organizations are taking advantage of big data to stay ahead of the competition.

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If you're looking for a global third-party data provider to deepen your data pool and grow your information sources LexisNexis is the partner of choice. With us you can access an unparalleled number of trusted sources, including:

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  • 80,000+ news sources from 100+ countries in 75 languages 
  • 3.5 million news articles and social media feeds daily
  • More than 6,500 international news sources, 6,000+ magazines and program transcripts from thousands of shows from hundreds of major global news networks

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