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About The Hosts

Dermot Corrigan

Chief Executive Officer, smartKYC

Dermot Corrigan is CEO of smartKYC, a specialist technology business that uses AI to automate KYC and enhanced due diligence intelligence gathering and to identify and profile opportunities.

Dermot has 30 years experience in the information services and media technology sectors. Having served in senior executive roles with Frost & Sullivan and PR Newswire he went on to co-create and launch the world’s first adverse media search engine for KYC while leading the news arm of LexisNexis (RELX PLC).

He served as CEO of an Anglo-Australian visual search and facial recognition start-up (part of INM PLC) and has led two successful two exit transactions to Nasdaq-quoted acquirers, Exclusive Analysis, a political risk intelligence business to IHS Markit (INFO) and then mainstream and social monitoring specialist Gorkana Group to Cision(CISN).

smartKYC’s technology drives faster, better and more cost-effective KYC at every stage of the relationship – liberating human effort to focus on decision-making rather than laborious research. smartKYC fuses artificial intelligence with linguistic and cultural sensitivity and deep domain knowledge to set new standards for KYC quality, whilst transforming productivity and hardwiring compliance conformance.

smartKYC applies AI to extract precise open source intelligence (OSINT) from vast corpuses of information – internet and deep web, news archives, watchlists and corporate databases. All of this happens at speed and at scale creating new possibilities such as straight through processing, batch remediation and continuous KYC risk monitoring.

smartKYC - the world’s most advanced enterprise solution for KYC due diligence automation. To find out more visit

Paul Hommes

Risk & Compliance Specialist, LexisNexis

Paul is a Risk and Compliance Sales Specialist at LexisNexis with a background in the banking and insurance industry. Paul is a Certified Compliance Officer and a former board member of the ACAMS Dutch chapter. He has over 21 years experience in the compliance the industry and has worked for companies such as Zurich Life Insurance in the Netherlands, as Group Compliance Officer at Delta Lloyd in the Netherlands, and as Head of Compliance Europe at Aviva plc in both London and Paris. Paul is a regular speaker at compliance conferences and webinars. He is also active in several workgroups and initiatives and has published a children’s novel.

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