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The "Convergence" of PR and Marketing: 6 Trends to Watch

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Advertising. Marketing. Public Relations. In the past, professionals working in these disciplines stayed in their own lanes. But with the advance of digital technologies, the distinct ‘lanes’ have merged. Today’s Public Relations professionals face changing expectations as a result.

87% of PR pros worldwide believe the term "public relations" won't even describe the work they will be doing in five years

How do you prepare for the transformation ahead?

We teamed with Fred Cook, Director of the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations and chairman of Golin, a global public relations firm for our latest eBook, “The Convergence of PR and Marketing.” In it, Fred looks at 6 trends that PR professionals need to understand in order to successfully navigate the evolving public relations landscape, including:

  • Changes in WHO public relations agencies report to that signal major changes ahead
  • Evolving communication types and channels that require PR professionals to adapt
  • Increasing expectations that PR professionals demonstrate concrete ROI for their efforts

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