Conduct onboarding due diligence with an all-in-one diligence tool

Nexis Diligence allows you to conduct thorough due diligence investigations on clients, agents, partners, suppliers, investments, and other third parties—quickly and intuitively. Global content and simple fill-in-the-blank search fields allow you to significantly reduce the time and expense of conducting thorough due diligence all while maintaining an auditable trail as you go.

With Nexis Diligence you can:

  • Perform a background check on a company or person
  • Uncover indicators of beneficial ownership
  • Conduct a check of negative news
  • Check sanctions watchlists, blacklists and politically-exposed persons (PEPs)
  • Learn about a company’s business and management structure, financial health, and M&A activity
  • Assess the risk of doing business in a particular country
  • Predict potential risks with financial vitals

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