Due Diligence process that empowers you to make confident decisions

Whether you are engaging in new business-relationships, expanding into new markets, preparing a prospectus for an IPO, vetting third parties, or simply looking at investment opportunities, you need the right intelligence and insight to make the most risk-averse decisions. Good due diligence allows you and your partners to evaluate risk now as well as in the future.

LexisNexis Due Diligence Checklist

Most of the due diligence checklists that you find on the internet are indeed very extensive, but almost never complete. In addition, many checklists relate to a narrowly defined scope, so you cannot simply use them in your company.

For our checklist we therefore opted for a different approach. In this document you will find:

  • What questions do you need to ask yourself when entering into a new business relationship?
  • What risks you should consider when entering into a business relationship or third party
  • When you have to start a due diligence investigation
  • Whether a simple due diligence investigation is sufficient or whether you should opt for a more extensive investigation
  • Whether using free (online) resources is enough or whether you should opt for a tool?
  • Which tools are suitable for your type of due diligence investigation.

All these questions and more are answered in our ebook.

Download the Checklist