Better competitive intelligence means better competitive advantages

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence is the only end-to-end solution that works with your workflow to drive your competitive strategy. We bring together the largest collection of global content and deliver it in a new, all-in-one solution. Search, compare, pin, and share all of your findings.

  • Search: Get a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape all on 1 platform with 3x the content - you'll spend less time juggling multiple competitive tools and more time driving strategy.
  • Compare: We are the only all-in-one platform with a 360 degree view across business-critical indicators, such as Intellectual Property, Litigation and M&A news - so you can compare using visualization and identify insights more efficiently.
  • Pin: We make it easy to pin your findings so you can organize in real-time - capture, collate and annotate your findings to a pinboard where you create a narrative of actionable insights.
  • Share: Seamlessly share* your findings - no re-formatting required - so you’re busy building new business strategies and not presentations.


*Subject to LexisNexis Terms and Conditions of Use