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The news database with alerts and analysis

  • Search across 40,000+ current and archived sources—from local, national and international newspapers, magazines, trade journals, wire and social media sources
  • Set alerts to keep you informed of recent news about your brand, company, industry and competitors
  • Analyze media coverage, political campaign or message tracking, negative news coverage and any other issues important to your business with built-in analysis tools

Unsurpassed public records collection for locating people or businesses

  • Access over 82 billion public records, including real estate and personal property records, as well as civil, criminal, court, bankruptcy filings, liens, judgments, cell phone records and more
  • Evaluate potential business partners, vendors and customers with intelligent linking technology that uncovers connections even among businesses or persons who don’t share records
  • Find potential donors with ease using a single search across a vast database of public records including voter and past donation records
  • Help ensure compliance with FEC guidelines by conducting thorough due diligence from the most comprehensive public records database available

Company and industry insights including financial reports and executive profiles

  • Find the information you need from 600+ company and industry sources—including annual reports, SEC filings, executive profiles, corporate hierarchies, earnings call transcripts, SWOT analysis, M&A reports and more
  • Conduct in-depth company and financial analysis for insights needed to assess opportunities, markets, competitors and other areas of interest
  • Explore competitor information including their related businesses, performance history and litigation

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