The Future is Now

Nexis Newswire is one of the only services using paid advertising to drive targeted traffic to news releases. Starting at $600, select up to five super-premium sites you want your full-text news release to be distributed to and up to five sites you want your Google Ads paid media to post to—all at no additional cost.

Social, digital feeds represent amplifying your press release distribution across multiple channels and sources
Amplify your press release reach
Distribute your press release to up to five premium sites and select up to 5 of the 11 million sites in the Google Ads network to run a paid Google Ad promoting your release—at no additional cost. It’s an industry-exclusive way to maximize your ROI.
A globe with specific locations identified represent a refined and hybrid approach to press release distribution across the globe
Hyper-target to the right audience
The traditional “shot gun” approach lacks targeting capabilities. With Nexis Newswire you can target audiences based on various demographics and automatically publish your press release in up to 9 different languages.
A three dimensional analytical chart represent ad driven analytics to your dashboard
Ad-driven analytics and click reports
Google-powered analytics and reporting show you the number of clicks and the exact number of people who saw your press release. Reporting is available after 24 hours, with a final report after seven days. Social pick-up of your release is also reported.


Start Nexis Newswire at $600 for a single press release

Pricing is all-inclusive and we offer custom pricing packages to fit your press release distribution needs.