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BenninkAmar is the only law firm in the Netherlands that is fully specialised in and focused on economic sanctions, export controls and other trade law matters. They are highly regarded for their in-depth knowledge, and clear and practical advice on complex multi-jurisdictional legal matters. On the Dutch market, BenninkAmar is unparalleled in advising and representing its clients, including many globally operating publicly listed multinationals, in all matters arising from trade laws.

They are very successful in ensuring effective compliance and securing optimal results for their clients with supervisory authorities, including OFAC and EU authorities, efficiently resolving enforcement issues. 

Sebastiaan is a specialist in the field of economic sanctions and export control. His practice focuses on all aspects of international trade and related topics, such as money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, corruption, and other compliance-related topics. Sebastiaan represents clients who are subjected to investigation and/or enforcement procedures. 


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