Political consulting has changed dramatically since the days of whistle-stop campaigns.

Five years ago, Harvard Business Review predicted that the consulting industry was on the verge of disruption. One factor has contributed significantly to the shift: the democratization of big data.

With the volume and variety of available data growing exponentially and user-friendly research and analytics tools more widely available, traditional consulting firms are seeing more competition from smaller organizations and independent political consultants that successfully use AI-enabled research platforms to support strategies that are informed by data.

Do you know what it will take to put your candidate in position to win? We recently researched factors that are influencing the political consulting industry to highlight the value of deep research.

Download our latest consulting trend report highlighting important areas of focus for political operatives, including:

  • Creating content that breaks through the echo chambers of social media
  • Staying alert to election fatigue so you can inspire voters to the polls
  • Making use of the right technology to support a successful campaign season

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